January 13, 2014

Wondering if I was going to call

Backyards of Old Houses in Antwerp in the Snow by Vincent Van Gogh

That Day, the saucers landed
by Neil Gaiman

That Day, the saucers landed. Hundreds of them, golden,
Silent, coming down from the sky like great snowflakes,
And the people of Earth stood and
stared as they descended,
Waiting, dry-mouthed, to find out what waited inside for us
And none of us knowing if we would be here tomorrow
But you didn’t notice because
That day, the day the saucers came, by some some coincidence,
Was the day that the graves gave up their dead
And the zombies pushed up through soft earth
or erupted, shambling and dull-eyed, unstoppable,
Came towards us, the living, and we screamed and ran,
But you did not notice this because
On the saucer day, which was zombie day, it was
Ragnarok also, and the television screens showed us
A ship built of dead-men’s nails, a serpent, a wolf,
All bigger than the mind could hold,
and the cameraman could
Not get far enough away, and then the Gods came out
But you did not see them coming because
On the saucer-zombie-battling-gods
day the floodgates broke
And each of us was engulfed by genies and sprites
Offering us wishes and wonders and eternities
And charm and cleverness and true
brave hearts and pots of gold
While giants feefofummed across
the land and killer bees,
But you had no idea of any of this because
That day, the saucer day, the zombie day
The Ragnarok and fairies day,
the day the great winds came
And snows and the cities turned to crystal, the day
All plants died, plastics dissolved, the day the
Computers turned, the screens telling
us we would obey, the day
Angels, drunk and muddled, stumbled from the bars,
And all the bells of London were sounded, the day
Animals spoke to us in Assyrian, the Yeti day,
The fluttering capes and arrival of
the Time Machine day,
You didn’t notice any of this because
you were sitting in your room, not doing anything
not even reading, not really, just
looking at your telephone,
wondering if I was going to call.


কুইজ চলছে মনে আছে তো? গড়িমসি করবেন না, উত্তর দেওয়ার সময় আর বেশি বাকি নেই কিন্তু। 


  1. Replies
    1. আমারও এটা দারুণ লেগেছে তিন্নি।

  2. Sadhey ami ei bhodrlokke eto bhalobashi? :D

    p.s. Tumi Gaimaner onyanyo lekha porechho? Na porey thakle "American Gods" diye shuru korte paro. Boddo bhalo lekha.

    1. ইচ্ছা থাকলেই উপায় হয় যে বলে, কথাটা ভুল না। American Gods বলে সার্চ করলাম আর অমনি হার্পারকলিনসের দেওয়া বইখানার আপাদমস্তক আইনি (তার মানে এই নয় যে বেআইনি লিংকে আমার অরুচি আছে) লিংক বেরিয়ে পড়ল। নেক্সট বই এটাই পড়ব। থ্যাঙ্ক ইউ। আমি নিলবাবুর লেখা বেশি পড়িনি, আনানসি বয়েজ পড়েছি খালি, খুব ভালো লেগেছে।

  3. Ei kobita ta amar vison valo legeche. Onek onek dhonyobad apnake eta share korar jonyo. Ami onar khub besi lekha pori ni, tai kobita tir khoj peye khub valo laglo. Ami onar Neverwhere boi ti akhon porchi, sei context e aro moja pelam, Thank you :)

    1. আমিও গাইম্যানের বেশি লেখা পড়িনি, যে ভুলটা সংশোধনের সময় আসন্ন। আপনার Neverwhere কেমন লাগল জানাবেন।


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